Music is definitely a ritual

I know I probably sound completely ridiculous, but in all seriousness I don’t think I’ve really ever had a song bring me such overwhelming emotions. I mean yes I’ve had of course some songs that have really hit me, but this one…this one is quite different from the rest. I mean Julian’s just a fantastic writer, but this one is just so much more unexplainably different from his other creations. I don’t want to go off saying “this just speaks to me” because that’s usually what most others would say. It doesn’t speak it caresses the mind. My subconscious is trying to process this pure euphoric beauty that is called human sadness. Yes, the song is not about joy,but it does not bring me sadness it brings me understanding. (sound crazy?) It does make me relate to this sadness that I get quite often anymore. I feel I guess that it’s understanding. The song just expresses the feelings quite amazingly that I never thought something could actually just “not explain”, but like I said kinda like meaning. It brings tears to my eyes like it has or is doing with many others who listen to this masterpiece.


the strokes

holy shit that post i just reblogged makes me think of my sadness or as  i call them so called “mood swings”


its important to me that people fully understand why human sadness is julians best work to date so here goes nothing

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it’s pouring out…niceeeee!!!!!

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Yearnin’ | The Big Come Up

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